Leo Z

Composer / Producer


Born Leonardo De Bernardini, Leo Z is a music composer, multi-platinum songwriter-
producer, arranger, programmer and pianist, located in Los Angeles.

His visionary music creations and services made him desirable over the past 20 years thanks his ability to merge depth, spirituality and modernity under the same hat no matter if he scores for films, produces artists or develops his own piano albums.

Leo’s works span a diverse range of styles from the score for Tom Hanks' Futuristic Web-series "Electric City” (winner of the Streamy Award 2013 as Best Drama) to the dark comedy score for Mini- Series “Supreme Tweeter”, created by Harry Lloyd (Game Of Thrones, The Theory Of Everything, Manhattan), from the upcoming Ambient music driven Austro-Italian Mystical Drama “Abbi Fede” (Giorgio Pasotti), remake of the Danish Cult film “Adam’s Apples” to the fairy, magic, romantic world of Ferragamo's White Shoe film, a 24 minutes art-film directed by F. F. Coppola/Tim Burton's long time collaborator-illustrator and visual artist Mauro Borrelli, currently working on a period fantasy feature.

Born in Bologna, Italy, Leo was mentored by Mauro Malavasi, legendary producer (Chic, Luther Vandross, Change, Andrea Bocelli, Lucio Dalla) and after producing , arranging and co-writing with major italian Artists (Elisa, Lucio Dalla and Andrea Bocelli, among the others), for record labels Fonit-Cetra RCA, Pressing-BMG and Sugar-Universal, after his appearance at the Festival Di San Remo as pianist composer and producer of the song “Oceano” for Lisa, he moved to Los Angeles ,and started working alongside prestigious international Orchestras such as the London Philharmonia  and the San Diego Symphony. He has performed and recorded with world class musicians such as Eric Rigler (Braveheart, Titanic), Tina Guo (Inception), Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos) in the most prestigious Recording Studios: Capitol Studio Los Angeles, Air Studios and Metropolitan Studio in London, East West and Henson Studios in Los Angeles, to name a few.

As a music producer and arranger Leo collaborated with Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Elisa, Nathan Pacheco, Katherine Jenkins and David Archuleta just to name a few.

He was named music director, pianist and arranger for Nathan's PBS Show "Introducing Nathan Pacheco" which was shot at the BroadStage Santa Monica and aired between 2012 and 2013 on the majority of the PBS Stations and collaborated with the Virginian Tenor on many releases and live shows.

Leo just finished collaborating with Korean NeoClassical/Pop Sensation Elli K on her first English Language based Album Love Collage, which tells the journey of love through a cycle of inspirational pop and folk songs.

Leo is  working on environment and society sensitive projects such as the Symphony of the Cells (DoTerra Partners) , for which he s currently hired to compose and produce a full symphony, the Documentary 90291 Venice Unzipped, a feature film deepening the subject of inequality in Venice CA, as well as on a new Piano Album “Materia Prima XIV” , all planned to be released in 2020.